Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009/02/10 - Day 5: Moderate intensity

I did:

Slow Eccentrics:

3x3 Quad Squat

3x3 Trinity Squat

3x3 Spinal Rock (basic version)

Eccentric / Isometric contrast:

3x3 Rocca

3x3 Single leg SLD

3x3 Spinal Rock (basic version)

Like the first time I did this I felt practically no cardio impact but a pretty nice pump in the muscles. I also feel quite focused and alert which probably indicates some positive stimulation for the CNS.


Howie Brewer said...


Did you switch over to a different protocol within the BWER?

Were you completely recovered from your DOMS before starting this?

hunashaman said...

Hey buddy. I started a different BWER protocol - this time with a hypertrophy focus - 5 days ago. I still had A LOT of DOMS from my session on Saturday. This slow training really works the muscles hard.