Friday, February 20, 2009

2009/02/20 - Day 15: Intuflow

I worked through a slooooow and relaxing Intuflow intermediate session today. The aim was to work slowly and deeply with all my awareness focused on the working areas. This method of working feels a lot like doing TaiJi or QiGong and actually left me feeling warm and relaxed. It also allowed me to notice some interesting links between tension spots on my body. One example that comes to mind is that doing shoulder circles with my right arm raised seems to hit a tension spot on the left side of my lower back. I suspect I have been doing Intuflow too fast before. It is almost as if I have done it just because I know it is supposed to be part of a healthy exercise regime rather than allowing myself to get as immersed in the practice as I have been with kettlebells and bodyweight "workouts". I think the same thing might be true for my Prasara practice. This is so typical of me; rather than building a solid foundation I try and fly before I can even lie down comfortably. CST guru Scott Sonnon and his faculty of coaches have always proclaimed that mobility and the release of tension patterns comes before effective sports performance and is not merely there for rehab of sports (or other tension related) injuries. I think I'm starting to GET the truth in this. I guess if you really tune into your body (like I did today) these discoveries will eventually flow into your conscious awareness. I just need to listen more. For more on self-discovery through mobility work check out this great post:

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