Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009/02/01 - Low intensity compensatory work

I worked through the Kettlebell Foundation joint mobility and compensatory yoga sequences today. Like my previous low intensity day I did just about the whole sequence of compensatory movements except for the last three. I followed this with a short practice session of the Prasara Yoga Flock of Pigeons flow.

I really find the compensatory movements very valuable not only in terms of the benefits for kettlebell lifting but also for overall fitness and wellness. I have always known that I feel better when I move better and the joint mobility and yoga makes a big difference in this respect.

One posture that is still giving me trouble (even though I could do it with ease years ago) is the plow posture. I don't know if it is a flexibility issue in the lower back or whether the size of my belly and thighs interfere with my ability to go deeper into the posture. Anyway, I'll be sure to work on this extensively. Here is a cool video with some excellent instruction that my just help me to master this illusive posture. The clip is from my friend Howie Brewer from Kettlebells New York.
You can visit his site here:

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