Friday, February 6, 2009

2009/02/06 - Day 1: At it again

Having just finished a 28 day cycle on the BWER fatloss program I started the next cycle today on another BWER program; this time the focus is hypertrophy. I'm a pretty big guy so I don't need major size increases but I guess the broader theme at the moment is of an aesthetic nature; I want to look good naked. OK, I'm not planning a career in adult movies but a part of my overall fitness plans include to have a body that looks a bit more like it did years ago when I was really fit. Being a student of CST and Steve Cotter's approach to kettlebells and fitness does help keep things in perspective though. Although my current goals are more oriented towards physique improvements these goals still fit into a broader framework which puts health, fitness and well being before any other objectives. Anyway, enough rambling. My moderate day session today went like this:

Slow Eccentrics:

3x3 Quad Squats

3x3 Trinity Squats

Eccentric / Isometric contrast:

3 sets of Roccas

3 sets of 1 legged deadlifts

Slow Eccentrics:

3x3 Spinal rocks (basic version)

Eccentric / Isometric contrast:

1 x set of Spinal Rocks with holds

This program is a totally different beast compared to the fatloss program I followed in my last cycle. I hardly got out of breath with the sets today but I can definitely feel a significant CNS impact as well as a sense of fulness in the worked muscles. I may up the volume on the next moderate day depending on how I feel tomorrow morning. Tomorrow the focus will be on drop sets, isometric holds and, of course, the kettlebells.

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