Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009/02/03 - Day 26: Last high intensity day

I'm very glad to have finished the last high intensity day of my current cycle. The hybrid routine that I have been doing since micro-cycle 5 really kicks butt and it feels good to have seen the last of it for now...well, I'm actually going to miss it and will probably revisit it sooner rather than later. Anyway, this is what I did today:

BWER Hybrid routine / 5 supersets / 45 seconds per exercise / 90 seconds rest

Quad squat / Rocca

One-legged squat / Lateral leg swoop

Pike / Crow

Reaching arch / Jump squat

Kettlebells: AKC fitness protocol / 16kg / 3 minutes work / 30 seconds rest

Push Press: 24/24

Half Snatch: 15/15

Long Cycle Push Press: 15/15

The bodyweight session was fast and intense and I'm pretty sure I'm going to wake up with some DOMS in the morning. The kettlebell set went pretty well and I'm glad to have made my target reps even though I was pre-fatigued by the bodyweight work. I'll probably move up to four minute sets for my next 4x7 which I'm planning to start on Friday. The next two days will just be some light joint mobility and compensatory postures and flows.

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