Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009/02/19 - Day 14: A bit more sophistication

My session today went like this:

High intensity bodyweight hypertrophy:

Max rep drop sets (twice through):

Push ups, ellipses, screw presses

1 Legged squats, assisted 1 legged squats, trinity squats

Isometric holds (twice through):

Crow left, right and full

Superman, Superman bent, plank

To give my muscles some recovery time I took a 15 minute rest and then did:

Kettlebells: AKC fitness protocol / 16kg / 4 minutes work / 60 seconds rest:

LC Jerk: 20/20

Half Snatch: 20/20

LC Push Press: 20/20

In the bodyweight section I upped the sophistication a bit for the push ups and ellipses (doing level 2 as opposed to level 1 variations now). I also cut 30 seconds of rest from my kettlebell sets which means that 5 minute sets are starting to loom on the horizon.

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