Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009/02/14 - Day 8 & 9

Day 8:

Yesterday I worked through the kettlebell specific joint mobility program and the kettlebell specific yoga cool-down sequence. I was a bit pressed for time so I didn't do any additional Prasara work.

Day 9: Moderate session

The work today consisted of the BER moderate program. I did:

Slow Eccentrics:

3x3 Quad Squat

3x3 Trinity Squat

3x3 Basic Spinal Rock

Eccentric / Isometric contrast:

3x3 Rocca

3x3 1 legged SLDL

3x8 Slow Pikes

The session actually felt pretty easy. My pressing strength in the Quad Squats and Roccas definitely went up a few notches since I started this cycle. The Trinity Squats and SLDL also felt almost too easy. I will probably add some complexity or up the volume when I start micro-cycle 4 next week.

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