Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009/01/28 - Day 20: Moderate day

I worked through the Kettlebell Foundation's joint mobility sequence today. I tried to focus on correct technique and full range of motion. Even though I didn't really feel like training when I started a few minutes into the sequence everything was flowing along nicely.

I followed the joint mobility with the kettlebell specific compensatory yoga. I normally don't do all the postures but I decided to do pretty much the whole sequence today. This led to some interesting discoveries related to a lack of mobility in my hips and groin area. I will definitely be focusing on these areas from now on.

I finished off by starting to work on the Flock of Pigeons flow from the Prasara yoga series A flows. I chose to give the Cricket flow a miss because my bodyweight work already targets the areas worked by the Cricket flow quite extensively. The Flock of Pigeons is a relatively simple flow but it really works the hip and groin area deeply - exactly what I seem to need at the moment.

Tomorrow I'll be starting on the penultimate micro-cycle of my 4x7.


Howie Brewer said...

So which of the compensatory movements gave you the hardest time?

hunashaman said...

It was all the later moves in the sequence like the Cossack shift (or whatever it is called) and the shin role. Basically anything that uses the Sumo squat as a transition I find fairly difficult.