Monday, January 12, 2009

2009/01/12 - Day 4: Low intensity

Today I worked slowly through the Kettlebells Foundation's joint mobility program followed by the compensatory cool down program. I tried to go slowly and focus my mind on tight spots with the aim on getting them to relax. I must admit that working slowly and with focus makes a difference. I could feel muscles in my mid back relaxing while I focused on correct posture and smooth breathing.

In my current 4x7 I'm following the original 4x7 protocol strictly. On the moderate and high days I just do the scheduled exercises and not a warm up or cool down. I leave the joint mobility and compensatory yoga exercises for the no and low intensity days. Thus far I have found that this approach allows me to focus fully on the work I need to do rather than feeling a bit scattered like I did before when doing joint mobility, kettlebells and yoga all in one session. I'll see how this "new" approach work for the remaining 24 days of my current schedule.

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Howie Brewer said...

I hear ya. Being that my allotted workout time is quite limited, most of the time, I will work just one or two areas and sometimes skip my joint mobility altogether. Immediately following though, I have started to try to work in at least some of the compensatory movements because I know they are needed. I am a HUGE believer in practicing the plow as often as possible to help relax the lower back. Other favorites include sleeping warrior, rabbit, seated side bend and shoulder bridge. If anything, I try to work those immediately after.