Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009/01/25 - Day 17: Starting micro-cycle 5

I've been doing the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution's fat loss program for 16 days now and have completed the first four micro-cycles. Thus far the moderate and high intensity days were based on a strength circuit and metcon circuit respectively. With the start of the fifth micro-cycle these two routines are now combined into one hybrid routine which adds a significant amount of sophistication or complexity to the exercises. The routine is designed to be followed on both the moderate and high intensity days but at different intensity levels. My routine for today looked like this:

4 supersets of 45 seconds per exercise / 90 seconds rest between supersets:

Quad Squad / Rocca combination

One legged squat / Lateral leg swoop combination

Pike / Crow combination

Jump squat / Reaching wheel combination

Prior to my introduction to Circular Strength Training (CST) I've been familiar with methods to increase training intensity by adding weight, increasing work time, reducing rest or by simply performing more work in the same amount of time. The idea of increased complexity has never really been part of my training arsenal. I was thus amazed (or perhaps shocked) today when I discovered how much more intense a session can become by just adding a bit more sophistication to exercises. All the movements I performed today are familiar to me as I've been training them thoroughly during the previous four micro-cycles. Putting them together is however a totally different ball game. I'm looking forward to seeing how my performance of this hybrid routine progresses over the next eleven days.

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