Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009/01/10 - Day 2 (AKC and bodyweight metcon)

Today I did my first high intensity session of my current 4x7. The session went like this:

Kettlebells: 3 minutes work / 2 minutes rest / 16kg:

Push Press: 24/24

Half Snatch: 15/15

Long Cycle Push Press: 15/15

BWER Body Weight Circuit: 5 circuits @ 5 reps per exercise with 2 minute rests:

Quad Squat, Spinal Rock, Leg Swoop, Jump Squat

The AKC section was pretty easy. I didn't find the extra minute per set much of a problem. The body weight section was a different story. I felt pretty smoked after the 5 circuits and also had a nice pump in my arms, chest and shoulders. My plan with the circuit is to gradually up the reps per exercise until I reach ten reps. I will then start decreasing the rest periods between circuits (hopefully eventually to only 30 or even 15 seconds).

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