Friday, January 9, 2009

2009/01/09 - Day one of the new 4x7

One of my new year resolutions (yes, I know they generally fail but I'm gonna do it anyway) is to live a generally healthier lifestyle. Although my training has been consistent and I'm significantly fitter and stronger than a year ago my diet has been a big issue. As a result I'm still not happy with my weight and can do with some fat loss. My first 4x7 of the year will hopefully start getting me on the right track. The 28 day schedule is based mainly on the BWER ebook fat loss program and some bells thrown in for good measure on the moderate and high intensity days. On the moderate days the sessions will be strength focused and on the moderate days metcon focused; I hope to go up another few levels with the AKC protocol on the high days.

I started off today with:

BWER moderate day program (4 times through the following circuit):

Hand Press


Supported one legged squat

It was an enjoyable session and I quite enjoyed the pump produced by the slow and controlled exercises.

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