Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009/01/22 - High intensity day: Level up

I added yet another bit of intensity to my session today. I dropped another 30 seconds off my rest periods for both the AKC fitness protocol and the BWER protocol. I did:

Kettlebells: 16kg / 3 minutes work / 1 minutes rest:

One Arm Jerk: 24/24

Snatch: 24/24

Press: 18/18

BWER protocol: 5 supersets / 7 reps per exercise with 1 minutes rest periods in between:

Quad Squats, Spinal Rocks, Leg Swoops, Jumping Squats

I've been tired the last couple of days due to going to bed way too late. I'm still in holiday mood which means going to bed late and getting up late. As a result the session today was quite a smoker and I got pretty tired about midway through the BWER protocol. I stuck it out though and feel all the better for it.

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Howie Brewer said...

I'm gong to start on the 3 min Fitness Protocol sets again. Now that the back seems to be tolerating things better (but of course I'll start out with the 2 min rest).

I'm exhausted this week too! I usually don't look forward to Fridays, but I'm really glad it arrives tomorrow.