Monday, March 30, 2009

Review: Scott Sonnon's Flowfit 2: Ground Engagement

I've been playing with Scott Sonnon's unique Flowfit program on and off for a while now. It has only been during my last training cycle though that I've been devoting a significant amount of time to it. Given my positive impression of Flowfit 1 I decided to get FF2 recently and boy, was I in for a surprise.

I have seen a short introductory clip of Flowfit 2 on Youtube and found it hard to imagine how the movements shown could be strung together as a flow. After viewing the FF2 DVD I was yet again amazed by the genius of Scott. He has managed to "mimic" the exact 6 degrees of freedom as expressed in Flowfit 1 in FF2, but in a very different way. You see, Flowfit 2 is all about engaging the ground. Before you ask; this is not only relevant to martial artists or wrestlers who fall down a lot but to anyone who wants to befriend the ground that they stand on. In fact Flowfit 2 brings to mind the freedom of movement we all enjoyed when we were kids (in my case this meant falling down and rolling a lot).

The DVD starts (like Flowfit 1) with an introduction to the concept of intuitive training and, dare I say, I think Scott does an even better job in this second iteration of explaining this concept in such a way that anyone interested in physical wellness can get something from his explanation.

Scott continues to break down all the elements of the flow into manageable chunks in such a way that even a big guy like me can see myself eventually mastering the movements. The DVD ends with the movements strung together as a flow, which is one of the ultimate goals of Sonnon's system. He calls it "flow" and I also like to simply refer to it as total freedom of motion.

If you are looking for something different from treadmills, weight machines, endless hours of running, or whatever, that will take your fitness and movement potential into a totally new direction I can heartily recommend Flowfit 2.

I have to mention that the program is not easy but the way in which Scott breaks everything down into manageable chunks brings into reach some pretty amazing movements even to mere mortals like me. Please visit for more info.

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Howie Brewer said...

Do I see a CST certification in your future?!?!?