Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009/03/18 - More Forward Pressure

I added another round of Forward Pressure today and did some more core work as well.

The session:

Forward Pressure: 7 rounds with 2 minute rest periods

Roll up / Butterfly combos: 3x5

L-Sit: 5 x 6 second holds with a few seconds rest between holds

As usual FP produced a significant pump in the upper body as well as some solid muscle fatigue in the arms. I decided to add in the L-Sit for some additional core work since I discovered recently that I need work in this area. The exercise is from Coach Sommer's book "Building the gymnastic body" which arrived via mail today. I did the most basic variation with bent legs. I can see the potential for building some serious strength with this exercise as I work through the progressions.

Coach Sommer's book seems great so far and will most probably be the foundation of my next cycle.

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Howie Brewer said...

L-Sits are no joke. I bought two cinder blocks last year ($2 a piece, what a bargain!) to use. They come in handy for that as well as deep pushups!