Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009/03/19 - Day 14: More Flowfit and Kettlebells

I felt a bit tired today and decided to only do 4 sets of Flowit as opposed to 5. Anyway, the goal is not to do more sets but to work up to doing just one set of 14 minutes or longer. I think I will stick to this rule during the current cycle rather than adding more sets.

My session:

Flowfit (level 2): 4 rounds / 3 minutes work / 1 minute rests

I took my usual 15 minute break and then moved on with:

Kettlebells: 16kg / 5 minutes work / 2 minutes rest

LC OAJ: 25/25

Snatch: 39/39

Half Snatch: 23/24

Flowfit is really an unusual exercise program. It is so much harder than it looks and I also seem to be progressing more slowly with this than with every other exercise modality or program I took on recently. With kettlebells I keep going up the levels, with Forward Pressure I have been adding one set each time I do it, my Prasara seems better each time I do it but Flowfit, oh no, I started with 4 sets of 3 minutes and that's where I still am. I guess it really is the fact that you work your body in so many ways in the context of such a short, compact session. The kettlebell sets was not too bad today. The Long Cycle was solid (in fact fairly easy), the Snatches went well up to the last 30 seconds when my forearm muscles started complaining and the Half Snatches - oh well, I can just say "Ouch." I'm looking forward to an easy day with just some Intuflow tomorrow.

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