Friday, March 27, 2009

2009/03/27 - Day 21: Down-scaling

The global economy is in disarray and even the really big corporate players are down-scaling and reconsidering the way forward. My training "economy" has gone through a similar process over the course of the last couple of days. My own thinking and the help of my bail-out consultant, Howie Brewer, brought me to the conclusion that I'm trying to do too much at the same time. Today's session looked a bit different as a result. I did:

Forward Pressure (level 1): 5 rounds with 2 minutes rest

Flowfit: (level 1): 1 round of 11 minutes

L-Sit (bent legs): 7 x 6 second holds

I dropped down from 8 rounds of FP to just 5. I also decided that I would rather keep moving with Flowfit rather than doing shorter multiple sets. For this reason I dropped back to FF level 1 and did a continuous 11 minute set. I probably went about 10 times through the flow in this time. In stead of feeling wasted after Flowfit I actually feel invigorated. I could have probably gone on for another 5 minutes or so and I really enjoyed getting into the flow of things. I will probably stick to Flowfit for a while, even in my next cycle, but for now I will stick to level 1 and keep moving until I have really nailed a 14 minute or longer set. Tomorrow will be exclusively devoted to the bells. Hopefully that will allow me to get the kettlebell sets under control again.


Howie Brewer said...

Sweet. Just realize only hitting the bells once every four days (assuming you do a Forward Pressure day followed by a KB day, followed by a no-intensity and low-intensity day)will slow down your 'progress' to heavier bells, but at the same time might be a better fit for your overall goals.

hunashaman said...

Yup, I definitely think that my progress with the bells have slowed down given my current schedule. I want to see what happens now that my high day will be more focused on the bells. I think it will help. I do like the diversity off the current schedule though and am enjoying the effects on my body.