Friday, March 6, 2009

2009/03/06 - Day one of the new cycle

I just completed my first session of my new 4x7 cycle. This time the goal is not "body specific" as in the previous two cycles (getting leaner and hypertrophy) but rather method specific (well, obviously I have some ideas about how I'd like the cycle to impact my health and fitness too). The focal methods for this cycle will be the Forward Pressure program for the moderate days and Flowfit for the high intensity days. The main objective is to become competent at the performance of Forward Pressure level 1 and Flowfit level 2. Secondary to that is the concept of becoming comfortable with movement sequences and flows rather than discrete movements only. Except for Prasara twice a week my past training has mainly been focused on specific movements rather than putting the movements together in flows (which will of course add a certain amount of complexity to the training). The third objective is to maintain the strength, hypertrophy and endurance the previous two cycles brought. I am also considering the cycly to be a good preparation for the gymnastics oriented bodyweight work I am intending to start soon.

Today's session went like this:

Forward Pressure (4 rounds with 2 minutes between rounds)

3 Supersets of Roll Ups and Spinal Rocks

Although all the FP movements are familiar to me they become something totally different when worked in sequence like I did today. The muscular burn and pump produced was quite something. I can definitely imagine the muscular strength-endurance someone requires who can go for 14 minutes non-stop with this flow. WOW!

In terms of progression I will gradually cut the rest times and also add repetitions of the flow. Hopefully at the end of the cycle I will do 10 rounds with a minute rest between rounds. We'll see where I am once I hit day 25. Tomorrow will be a Flowfit and Kettlebell day.


Howie Brewer said...

How long did your FlowFit session last? The suggested 14-18 minutes?

I'm hoping to get moving again this weekend. Much better today. Very weird the HUGE improvement from yesterday. Almost as if yesterday didn't happen.

hunashaman said...

ey buddy. I only did Forward Pressure today. I will post tomorrow about my Flowfit session. I don't know how long it will last but the plan is to work at least up to a 14 minute session. My Forward Pressure today was probably about 90 seconds on vs. 120 seconds of rest. FP really kicks ass (or is it triceps?) more than you can imagine by just reading the contents.

Howie Brewer said...