Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2009/03/03 - Day 26: High intensity

Today I did the last high intensity session of my current cycle. The next two days will consist of Intuflow and compensations before starting my next cycle on Friday. The session went like this:

Max rep drop sets:

Elevated push ups, ellipses, screw presses (twice through)

One legged squats, supported one legged squats, trinity squats (twice through)

Isometric holds:

Crow left, right, full (twice through)

Superman, bent Superman, plank (twice through)

I then rested 15 minutes and then did:

Kettlebells: 16kg / 4 minutes work / 1 minute rest

Snatch: 32/32

LC Jerk: 20/20

Half Snatch: 20/20

The bodyweight stuff felt great today, in particular the isometric holds. The kettlebell part was a bit of a killer though. In my last set I set the bell down for about 2-3 seconds after every five reps. My wind was fine but my muscles were fried. It seems to me that the greater tension that I was able to exert in the isometrics today caused a great deal of muscular fatigue. Well, that's it for my last high intensity day of this cycle. I'm looking forward to starting afresh on Friday.

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