Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009/03/28: Day 22 - High intensity

In keeping with the slight changes I introduced in my training protocol over the past couple of days I chose to focus today's session mainly on the kettlebells. I did:

Kettlebells / 16kg / 5 minutes work / 2 minutes rest

One Arm Jerk: 30/30

Snatch: 35/35

Push Press: 30/30

Flowfit (level 1): One set of 5 minutes

The fact that I did the kettlebell work fresh made the sets significantly easier. Because of difficulties with the kettlebell work on Tuesday I also chose to drop the rep per minute rate slightly. I again realized that it is not about the reps (initially) but about finishing the set. I have been rushing too much lately to make the AKC recommended rep ranges in order to finish the fitness protocol with the 16kg bell. In doing this my efforts have become counter-productive. I will not stop pushing myself but I believe that the discoveries I made during the last couple of days will allow me to approach the whole process in a smarter way.

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Howie Brewer said...

Nicely done! Nicely done!