Friday, September 19, 2008

2008/09/19 - Moderate day with the 24

I did another session with the 24kg bell. I took things up a tiny notch by moving from 2 - 3 minute sets. It was hard work - 30 seconds apparently make quite a difference. Here is the breakdown:

Intuflow beginner level

24kg / 3 minutes work / 1 minute rest:

Press: 15/15
Half Snatch: 15/15
Clean: 15/15

Swing (40kg): 10/10

To cool down and loosen up I went twice through the first and second kinetic chains of the Prasara yoga SeeSaw flow. It is a relaxing and smooth flow but mine needs a lot of work.

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Howie Brewer said...

Very nice. Keep it up!