Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008/09/17 - Just Intuflow

I did a slow and focused sequence of the Intuflow beginner exercises today. I tried to really focus on the parts being worked and combined the movements with deep breathing to relax as much as possible. The whole process was quite meditative and felt kind of like Qi Gong. I'm becoming aware lately of an interesting relationship between tightness in my pelvis/hip area and some apparently related restrictions in my lower and mid back. This is especially noticeable when I do the pelvic side to side movements. When I move from side to side a lot of clicking and stretching also happens in my back - weird stuff. Hopefully enough of this will eventually cure my fall injury once and for all.


gilesdm said...

Have you tried using a foam roller for the tightness in your hip area?

hunashaman said...

Nope, but you're the second person suggesting one to me. Maybe time to invest in one.