Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holistic fitness

There seems to be a trend in the fitness world towards lifelong training with an emphasis on total health and fitness. What is the point of following an overly specialized training programme that will lose its usability once you hit your thirties? We've all seen great athletes becoming fat and unhealthy once their training careers come to an end. Organizations like the American Kettlebell Club, Steve Cotter's IKFF and Scott Sonnon's Rmax International are in the process of revolutionizing the concept of fitness and bringing about a profound shift in how fitness is conceptualized. Here is an example of truly holistic fitness from Lauri Rudach:


gilesdm said...

Nice Vid, do you think Kettle Bell training would be anygood for someone like myself? I have been thinking about giving it a go, but just don't know where to begin.


hunashaman said...

Hey Dan.
I think kettlebell training can add something to just about any training programme. Obviously your goals would define the nature of your kettlebell programme. You're welcome to email me on if you need some pointers.