Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2008/08/06 - No Intensity day

This was the first no intensity day of my new 4x7 programme. I just did:

Intuflow intermediate level
2 slow rounds of Prasara Cricket flow

I actually really enjoyed this session. It is amazing how my mind works and how it impacts on my training experiences. Not thinking of Intuflow as my warm up and Prasara as a cool down allowed me to really focus on both as unique exercise systems in their own right. I noticed a lot more happening in my body and also found that my form was significantly better than normal due to not rushing. I am even beginning to think along the lines of alternating my 4x7 kettlebell programme (a 28 day cycle) with non kettlebell based 4x7's such as ones based only on mobility work, yoga and body weight conditioning systems such as Forward Pressure and FlowFit. This may or may not happen but for now I'm really just enjoying exploring all the different ways in which I can use my body.


gilesdm said...

Hi Johan,
The 28 cycle, is that something that is specific to kettle bell training?

Also, I hope you dont mind but I have linked your blog from my blog, I have a few friends that would be really interested in reading it.

hunashaman said...

Hi there Dan.
No, not at all. The 28 day cycle is based on Scott Sonnon's 4x7 protocol. In terms of gymnastics type training (not that I know that much about it) a 4x7 could look something like this:

No intensity day: Light joint mobility work.
Low intensity: Joint mobility, a relaxed run and some yoga / dynamic stretching.
Medium intensity: Lower rep strength work.
High intensity: Higher rep / fast work with an endurance / strength endurance focus.