Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2008/08/05 - High intensity?

I'm still very much in the process of working out a 4x7 programme that will work for me. From everything I've researched over at the RMAX forums and elsewhere on the web a possible schedule for using the 4x7 with kettlebells would be something like this:

No Intensity day: Joint Mobility (I recommend Intuflow)
Low Intensity day: Compensatory recovery such as yoga
Moderate Intensity: Lower rep kettlebell work with a focus on assistance lifts or strength oriented work.
High Intensity day: Typical GS / metcon type work like timed sets or AKC protocol

My session yesterday within this type of framework can thus easily be seen as a high intensity day because of the endurance focus. At this point in time my thoughts on medium / high intensity days is to either use the non-competition lifts on the medium day and the classic three competitive lifts on the high intensity day. This will still allow me to stick to the AKC protocol. Another alternative would be to do heavier but lower rep work on the medium day (also within an AKC framework) and the classic high rep / lower weight work on the high intensity day. Anyway, enough rambling for today. We'll see where this goes. Here is my session for today:

Intuflow beginner level

16kg / 3 minute sets / 1 minute rest

OAJ: 24/24
Snatch: 24/24
OALC: 15/15

Prasara for 6 rounds.

I enjoyed the session and I'm particularly glad that I finally made the AKC rep range on the long cycle. I can probably start thinking about cutting another 30 seconds off my rest periods within the next week or two.


Catherine Imes said...


One thing you'll realize once you move along with the AKC Protocol is that you'll be able to moderate intensity. For example, if I want a low intensity day now, it may be a slow longer snatch set with a 12kg or 16kg or a lCC&J set where I allow multiple switches.

A higher intensity set for me may be shorter and heavier.

Your current plan looks sound to me. Once you start adapting (More), you'll discover the fun in varying the intensity with the KB.

Good training.

Howie Brewer said...

Nice job. When do you REST? =)

Where's my Prasara!?!?!?

hunashaman said...

Hi Catherine

Thanks for stopping by. Your continued interest in my progress is truly appreciated. Once again thank you for the advice and guidance.

hunashaman said...

LOL, Howie.
Where is my Prasara??? It is starting to sound like the kids on the way to the ocean - are we there yet? I feel your pain brother!

gilesdm said...

Hi Mate, I really like your blog, and I have been keeping track of your progress for while now.

Nice going, and keep up the good work.