Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008/08/13 - Some Prasara improvement

Today was my no intensity day. I did:

Intuflow Intermediate
Prasara Cricket flow x4

I was glad to notice that I'm making some nice headway with the Cricket flow. When I first saw it a lot of the postures looked impossible and I almost filed the book away as a lost cause. I'm now really glad I didn't. The incremental approach of the book builds strength and ability in unexpected ways and new movement abilities creap up on you in unexpected ways. Today I found myself suddenly able to do the full crane pose and even my transition from crane to modified quad squat / frog pose is almost there. It was quite a pleasant surprise. A few more months of this and I'll officially be a pretzel.


Howie Brewer said...

Isn't "No Intensity Day" supposed to be only Intuflow? Do I need to keep you honest?

You will be my inspiration to keep at the Prasara. I think my first attempt being the day following the cert was a bad choice. Being extremely sore and tight was not a good way to start. Not a good way to get motivated.

hunashaman said...

LOL! You are onto me and my sneaky ways. Unfortunately people have been trying to keep me honest for years and they've all failed miserably. I take it really easy with the Prasara on the no intensity day - more a practice of the sequence than actual training. Don't worry too much about the early stages, you'll be surprised after a month or so with the changes taking place. What I also found helped me was not to hold the postures much. I just kind of get into as close a proximation of the posture as I can and then use the transition to move into the next. For some reason this has given me greater gains quicker than my previous more static yoga practice.