Monday, June 23, 2008

2008/06/23 - Interesting thoughts on mobility and motor learning

I am always interested in learning new things when it comes to enhancing physical performance. As a result I've invested in the Z-Health R phase / Neuro Warm Up 1 programs. I've gotten some good results from consistent work with these programs but have recently also started using some of Scott Sonnon's Intuflow work. Time and experience will tell which way I will eventually go but my intuition tells me it might be towards the RMax material. Here is an interesting link discussing the way in which the human organism develops and the rationale behind Scott's Circular Strength Training:

I don't just take things at face value (being a psychologist probably doesn't help) so I will naturally try out the ideas myself. Stay tuned for some future posts on my further explorations.

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Howie Brewer said...

Interesting read. I have personal experience with the theory that we develop "head, down" with my son. Dealing with his seizure disorder since 6 months old, his therapists all commented on how the seizures were affecting his hand-dexterity-sensitivity, which was almost bypassed, going more directly to his feet. Something out of the norm because of his condition. On top of that, he is now a 'neurological lefty' as his seizures originate in the left side of his brain, making his right hand much less dominant than his left. All this will be kept in mind as he gets older and tries to address these issues with his continued development both mentally and physically. Thanks again.