Thursday, June 12, 2008

2008/06/12 - The evil that Howie does

I've been following Howie Brewer's training with the AKC protocol closely over the last few days. One of the exercises he uses is the bottoms up clean - which I have never done. Today I decided to give myself a break from my longer set training and do another AKC type circuit. I did the following for 90 seconds each set (45 per arm) with two minute breaks between sets:


Bottoms up cleans (16kg): 15/10
Snatch (16kg): 24/24
One Arm Jerk (16kg): 15/15
Bottoms up clean (16kg): 11/11
Snatch (16kg): 16/16
One Arm Jerk (16kg): 15/15

Light stretching and some qigong.

I really needed to brace my forearm, lower back and abs for the BUC's. In fact, my back felt more painful today than after a solid snatch or swing set. My forearms also know that they've worked - sorry guys. I also just didn't feel strong or energetic today. I suspect I'm fighting off a low grade cold which has been trying to break through for the last few days. I also think the long jerk and snatch sets yesterday took their toll. Maybe tomorrow should be a rest day - we'll see how it goes.

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Howie Brewer said...

Hahaha... if you read closely, you'll see I'm attempting those BUC's with HALF the weight you worked with. I'm not THAT evil!!

I find that toward the end of the week, fatigue starts to accumulate as well. Better to keep the sessions short and sweet to be fully recharged for Monday (unless otherwise inspired).