Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008/06/10 - 16's and 24's

I decided to have shorter sets today but in stead of one set Jerk and Snatch with the 16's I added some 24kg sets as well. The idea is to make the 16 (lighter) on the days I exclusively train with it. In terms of the AKC GS training progression I'm just about ready to move up to the 24kg for Jerks anyway.


OAJ (16kg): 4 minutes @ 10rpm: 40
OAJ (24kg): 4 minutes @ 8rpm: 32
Snatch (16kg): 4 minutes @ 15rpm: 60
Snatch (24kg): 2 minutes @ 11rpm: 22
Swings (24kg): 20R/20L

Yoga and qigong.


Howie Brewer said...

Nice work. I think tomorrow morning will be my first foray into a longer, timed set. I'm thinking Long Cycle...

hunashaman said...

Go for it Howie. These long sets are "fun."