Thursday, June 19, 2008

2008/06/19 - Body flow and another long set

I have been using Z health R Phase for a while now and have had some good results in terms of increased mobility, especially in my ankles, knees and shoulders. I have however not gotten that much benefit for my real problem area which is the lower back / hip / pelvic area.

I recently ordered Scott Sonnon's IntuFlow DVD and while waiting for it to arrive I got lucky and obtained a free ebook that serves as a basic intro to IntuFlow. I did the sequence for my warm up today and am quite blown away by the results. I don't think my shoulders and upper spine have felt this loose since - well, maybe never. Now I can't wait for the DVD with the full info to arrive. I am also experimenting with some of Scott's Prasara flows after my kettlebell training and it also feels really good. I agree with the Z and Rmax philosophy; no point in being strong/fit if you cannot move. Anyway, we'll see where this stuff takes me. Now for today's session:

IntuFlow warm up

OAJ (16): 10 minutes @ 8rpm: 40/40
Snatch (16): 4 minutes @ 15 rpm: 30/30

Some Prasara flows for about 8 minutes.

Now waiting for dinner guests to arrive. Cheers for now.

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Howie Brewer said...

Nice to hear. At some point I'll give that a try myself. But for now, I need to slow down on my "investments" in fitness. I did just order Z-Health I-Phase which should be arriving shortly as well. I'll be sure to give a review once it arrives.