Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some days are just harder than others

Tonight’s session went like this:

RMAX KB Foundation warm up

2x20kg Jerk: 2 minutes @ 6rpm

2x20kg Jerk: 1 minute @ 6rpm

2x20kg Jerk: 1 minute @ 6rpm

16kg Snatch: 4 minutes @ 14rpm

20kg Swing: Tabata protocol

This kettlebell thing is weird. Going into my session tonight I felt strong and planned on doing a 3 minute and then a 2 minute jerk set followed by the snatches. After the second minute of my first jerk set I knew this was not going to happen. For some reason I just got tired very quickly and as a result had to cut back on my plans. Given the fact that I have no experience with doubles I’m not too perturbed. I know I probably should have started my doubles work with the 16’s but I really don’t feel like waiting another 9 weeks for the next shipment of bells to arrive. When they do arrive I might grab myself two 16’s; then again, by that time I might be a lot more comfortable with the 20’s. Let’s hope that is the case!

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Howie Brewer said...

Don't fret, it's quite normal. You are working very distinct muscle patterns here and creating a lot of fatigue on a daily basis. You might want to integrate some more rest time in between sessions. Gradually your body will adapt to the demands and you will be able to maintain a relatively steady work rate throughout the week. But I wouldn't expect that so early on in your double bell training. Most important is that you got in some time under the bells. Remember how I wave my training. You're going to have to experiment with the same now. Oddly for me, I'm finding that my performance now seems to improve as the week goes on. Maybe I get rusty over the weekends?!? Keep it up!!