Friday, April 23, 2010

Beginning a new adventure

I picked up my first professional style bells today; a pair of 20’s. Naturally they had to be welcomed home so my sets all involved them tonight. I did:

2x20kg Jerk: 2 minutes @ 6rpm

2x20kg Jerk: 2 minutes @ 6rpm

20kg Snatch: 4 minutes @ 14rpm

20kg Swing: 25/25

The doubles, and in fact any work with the pro bells, is a whole new ball game. I could feel in the jerk sets how important the leg drive really is. To try and lift 40kg or more overhead for extended time periods using upper body strength is madness. So far in my work with single bells I think I have been neglecting the leg drive. This is something I’ll have to work on. The snatches felt pretty good. In fact, I think the pro bells just make things easier. It is obvious that they were designed for this type of work. After just one session with these beauties it will be hard to train with other bells again. My sessions from now on will be mainly focused on building my jerk and snatch numbers with the pro bells while perhaps occasionally throwing in some heavier work with the normal bells.

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