Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The magic number 4

A while ago I read in Paul Tucker’s excellent guide to Girevoy sport that 4-6 minute sets tend to produce the most gains when it comes to competitive kettlebell lifting. Although Paul mentions various training templates, including timed sets and high volume approaches, he ultimately concludes that there is no escape from timed sets if your goal is GS related. A while ago I took a detour into volume territory for about two months which entailed performing the competition lifts for high volume but fairly short sets. Now that I’m back to the “Fedorenko method” I’m realizing that there really is some kind of magic in working for time. Not only does it build mental discipline but the fact that you are working with relatively low weights over extended sets also seems to be pretty damn good for the body. My plan at the moment is to keep my set length at between 4 and 6 minutes most days. I will occasionally throw in some 10 minute or longer sets for testing purposes as well. I’m just really glad that I finally allowed myself to slow down enough to discover the magic of timed sets…well, not magic really, just consistency. My session today looked like this:

16kg Clean: 4 minutes @ 14rpm

16kg OAJ: 4 minutes @ 12rpm

16kg Snatch: 4 minutes @ 14rpm

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