Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kettlebell StrongSport™ – NOT!

The AKC/WKC recently introduced a new form of competitive kettlebell lifting known simply as StrongSport™. The idea is to shift the emphasis more towards the strength side of the strength/endurance  equation than is typical in normal kettlebell sport. Competitors in StrongSport™ compete in two lifts, the One Arm Clean and the One Arm Jerk. Male competitors can compete with weights ranging from 32kg to 48kg and female competitors with anything from 20kg to 36kg. The lifts are executed in a 4 minute set format allowing for only one hand switch. In order to achieve a rank with a specific weight 24 reps per hand need to completed for each lift. I am not particularly interested in formal competition but I do aim on at least achieving the required reps for the 32kg category at some point.

Tonight I decided to base my session on the StrongSport™ format but with the 16kg, i.e. my own hybrid sport currently known as WeakSport.Here’s the result:

16kg Clean: 4 minutes @ 12rpm

16kg OAJ: 4 minutes @ 12rpm

16kg Snatch: 2 minutes @ 18rpm

32kg Swing: 10/10

Light stretching (focus on the hip area)

The session was pretty easy. The past two weeks of consistent training is clearly starting to pay off. The 32kg Swings felt easier than I can remember. I could have probably done 20 per arm but I’m sticking to my conservative approach for now. I am really not interested in more injuries. If there was a 16kg ranking in StrongSport™ I would have achieved it tonight! Oh well, now I just need to do the same thing with double the weight.

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