Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008/07/10 - Presses and Push Presses

Today I went with a press and push press cocktail from the AKC protocol. I decided to give my legs a rest from the regular jerks I've been doing. Here's how it went:

Intuflow warm up

Once through the following cycle with 2 minute breaks between sets:

Press (16): 4 minutes: 24/24
Push Press (16): 4 minutes: 32/32
LC Push Press (16): 4 minutes: 18/18

Swings (32): 12/12

Prasara flow to cool down.

I'm really enjoying this protocol. The pace is fast enough to provide intensity but not so fast as to cause a breakdown in proper form. I think my Long Cycle needs the most work at this point because I just cannot make 10 reps a minute yet in any long cycle work. We'll see where I am this time next month. Cheers until tomorrow.

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Howie Brewer said...

9 reps per minute on that Long Cycle is pretty darn good. Give 'er time.

I've already switched into long term thinking on this stuff. I figure I'll be working with the 12kg into the Fall. Then the 16kg probably at least into next summer. Maybe by the end of next year I'll be working with the 24kg?