Friday, July 4, 2008

2008/07/04 - Slight change in my training plan

Before I start todays blog I just want to say Happy 4th of July to all my friends in the US!

My introduction to the GS style of kettlebell training came via the website of Mike Stefano as well as some pointers from Steve Cotter. Since starting the timed set methodology I have been mainly working towards long sets of One Arm Jerks and Snatches with the 16kg bell. I am now up to 10 minutes on the Jerks and 8 on the Snatches. I have also been reading as much as I can find on the AKC's new fitness protocol and have tried a few sessions using their format. During the past week I had a couple of great AKC type sessions while on vacation at the coast. As a result I've decided to change my program for the next month or so and stick more closely to the AKC fitness protocol. I am quite curious to see what happens when I test pure long sets from time to time. This is what I did today:

Intuflow as warm up

OAJ (16): 4 minutes @ 9rpm: 18/18
Snatch (16): 4 minutes @ 15rpm: 30/30
OA Long Cycle (16): 4 minutes @ 7rpm: 14/14

Swing (32): 10/10

I went through the sequence only once and took 2 minutes rests between sets.

Bit of Prasara to cool off.

For more info on the AKC fitness protocol check out the blogs of Howie Brewer ( and Mike Stefano (

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Howie Brewer said...

Wow, that workout looks familiar!! =)

Thanks for the kind wishes on our holiday.

And 32kg Swings, nice!