Monday, July 21, 2008

2008/07/21 - Cincinasty

I'm still taking things quite easy. I'm moving along at a nice pace but I'm not really in a rush to get anywhere specific. I'll probably cruise for about a month or so before I pick up the pace. Today I did this:

Intuflow beginner level

3 minutes with the 16kg of the following with 90 second rests between sets:

OAJ: 24/24
Snatch: 24/24
LCCJ: 13/13

Swings (32kg): 12/12

Prasara to finish off.


Sean Schniederjan said...


Do you use the AKC bells?

hunashaman said...

Nope, here in South Africa I only have access to Dragondoor type bells from an RKC supplier here. I am hoping to import some AKC bells when I have the funds.