Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008/07/17 - Small steps

I'm feeling a lot better today but I decided to take it slow anyway. I kind of started the AKC protocol somewhere in the middle and I don't think I've been giving it the necessary respect. I'm finally learning to slow down and trust the process rather than rush ahead and push harder and harder each session. So for now I decided to stick to three minute sets with one hand switch until I can make the rep and rest times needed to move up. I might do advanced (6 set versions) some days depending on how I feel but I'm definitely getting ready for the long haul.

On a side note my much anticipated Intuflow DVD set arrived today and I went through some of the movements as my warm up. I love it! A full review will follow once I've worked with the material a bit more. Suffice for now to say that what I've seen so far mixes small joint movements with some flowing movements that reminds me a lot of stuff from the internal martial arts or Russian Systema. Good stuff awaits it seems!

Here is todays' session:

Intuflow for warming up

3 minutes per set of the following with a 90 second break between sets:

OAJ: 21/21
Half snatch: 15/15
Long cycle: 14/14

Swings (32): 10/10

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Howie Brewer said...

Similarly, I'm now trying not to be concerned with the rep count during my sets but instead to focus on making each rep perfect. Or at least as perfect as I am able.

I'm really interested to hear your opinon of Intu Flow compared to Z Health.