Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More on Intuflow

I provided an initial review of Scott Sonnon's Intuflow DVD set on the 18th of July. Now that I have worked with the beginner level sequence on an almost daily basis I can share some more thoughts regarding the impact this is having on me. Before I share these thoughts just a quick rundown of the beginner level material. The program works from head to toe and includes both smallish joint movements and integrated whole limb / whole body movements. Once all the basic ranges of motion have been worked from head to feet the program provides a basic balance drill, floor work and some movements to allow for integrating structure, movement and breath.

Since starting Intuflow I have noticed the following:

1. A distinct increase in body awareness. I often catch myself using less than efficient movement and then make the necessary adjustments to increase my sense of comfort.
2. A large improvement in my ability to integrate breath and movement in a natural way. This reminds me a lot of the methods used in Russian martial arts. The feeling produced by the drills is one of allowing the breath to flow completely naturally and in total harmony with the way the body is moving. At times it almost feels as if the breath itself is moving the body.
3. Slow yet distinct improvement of my major problem spot - the left hip / left lower back area. I've been "lucky enough" to injure this area a few times during martial art training and also more recently after a rather bizarre fall down a flight of stairs. During my work with Intuflow I have discovered that a problem with my pelvic range of motion and hip flexors lie at the root of the tightness I still carry with me after the injury. The pelvic and lower back drills are really helping to release some of this stored tension.
4. Following the program feels really good and I never feel like not doing it. The feeling produced by some of the movements are very similar to what you would feel when doing Tai Chi or some form of Qi Gong.

I have been watching some of the intermediate level material and from what I've seen it builds very nicely indeed on the beginner level. The movements become somewhat more complex and seem to place the emphasis on more integrated movement rather than smaller joint movements. All in all this is a package that is well worth the price. Check it out at


Howie Brewer said...

You're making it quite difficult for me to stick with Z-Health. I just want you to know. Thanks for the update.

hunashaman said...

Sorry about that. Maybe it is about different needs for different people but I honestly believe that Intuflow is a more sophisticated system than Z. Perhaps I'll send you the DVD's as a Christmas present.