Friday, July 25, 2008

2008/07/25 - One arm jerk weight ladder

I felt like a bit of a heavier end to the week. This is what I did:

Intuflow begginer sequence

OAJ (16): 3 minutes: 22/22
OAJ (24): 3 minutes: 15/15
OAJ (32): 2 minutes: 4/4

Took 90 second rests between the sets.

Swing (24): 25/25

Short Prasara session.

The first thing this session showed me is that those people out there who jerk 2x32kg bells for 10 minute sets deserve some serious RESPECT. Another interesting observation is that the 24 kg bell is starting to feel relatively light in the jerk sets and significantly light during the swings. Obviously working with a light weight for time maintains or perhaps even builds strength. More on this as I progress with the AKC fitness protocol. Wishing a great weekend to all!

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Howie Brewer said...

Nicely done! Enjoy the weekend!