Friday, July 18, 2008

A preliminary review of Intuflow

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago I have been using Z Health to work on my mobility and specifically also for trying to overcome some movement problems resulting from earlier injuries. I got decent restuls from Z Health but no relief for my really big problem areas (pelvis, hips, and mid spine). I eventually decided to take the plunge and invest in Scott Sonnon's Intuflow DVD set. From what I've read online Z-Health developed from some of Scott's earlier work and I know that Dr. Eric Cobb studied with Sonnon prior to developing Z-Health.

I have only watched the first of 2 Intuflow DVD's and so far I'm very impressed. The production quality is excellent and the menu options provide easy access to the different body parts you may want to work on. The first thing I noticed while watching and working through the follow along beginner section is that a lot of the movements are very similar to Z-Health R phase. The big difference however is that the Intuflow sequence starts with the head whereas Z starts with the feet. Another major difference is that Intuflow movements are somewhat looser and more flowing than the Z R phase movements. It is much easier to spot the martial art influence in the Intuflow material than in Z - especially for those familiar with the Russian martial arts or Chinese internal styles like Tai Chi or Bagua.

The Intuflow beginner programme provides clear instruction in a follow along fashion of a movement sequence that begins with small joint mobility movements that are later strung together in a flowing fashion. It feels really good to move in this way and I have found myself spontaneously doing some of the movements during the day while stuck in traffic or standing around waiting for a meeting to start. Once the head to toe movements have been completed the programme also provides instruction in some very useful floor work and balance postures as well as ways in which one can move to link movement and breath (kind of like in qigong without the fluff).

At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding. Well, for me this pudding tastes pretty good. I woke up this morning for the first time in years without any aches and pains in my back and I actually looked forward to the day rather than dragging my tight body out of the warm bed.

It is still early days and obviously more work with this programme is called for but from what I know now I can highly recommend Intuflow as a thorough programme not only for reclaiming lost movement potential but also as a tool for increasing general well-being. For more info please check out

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