Friday, July 18, 2008

Another step

Since this blog is about reclaiming myself I might as well share another step I took tonight towards becoming myself again. The majority of what I post here has to do with my physical training programme (kettlebells, mobility, etc.) Ultimately though the process of getting my life back fully includes more than just fitness, strength and mobility; it also includes relationships (which thankfully are great), emotional fulfillment and spiritual development. Tonight I had the privilege of attending the introductory evening of Dr. Eric Pearl's Reconnective Healing seminar (I am attending level 1 and 2 over the next two days).

Reconnective Healing is a process of "energy" healing that Pearl spontaneously discovered a few years ago. I have been involved in the field of energy healing for about 11 years. It started when I first studied Reiki (a Japanese healing modality). The basic premise of energy healing is that the body has an innate desire to be well. The energy healing practitioner simply needs to remind the body of this innate wisdom. This basic premise operates in a variety of modalities ranging through chiropractic medicine, naturopathy, homoeopathy, acupuncture, Reiki, qigong and many other systems.

From what I have seen tonight Dr. Pearl has taken this premise to a whole new level. He cuts away all of the fluff and redundant ritual often associated with alternative healing modalities and gets right to the core of the issue. My way of describing this would be to say that he somehow allows the intelligence that created the body to restore the body. He did a healing demo tonight on a guy that dislocated his shoulder seven years ago. The "patient" has been suffering from pain and a lack of mobility in the shoulder since then. Within a span of a few minutes the shoulder was restored to a fully mobile state and a complete absence of pain.

Eric is a very down to earth and often irreverent guy that questions all the bullshit often associated with alternative healing. He is a very entertaining lecturer that fully engages his audience and one often forgets that this is a healing seminar. In fact most of the time it feels like a well executed stand up comedy act.

If you need to expand your awareness around what is possible for you in this life it is well worth your while to check out the work Eric is doing. Please visit for further info.


Howie Brewer said...

Thanks for discussing this. My public library has a copy of the book on the shelves. I'm going to go grab it this morning. Sounds like perfect vacation reading!

hunashaman said...

Good stuff Howie. The book is hilarious and profound at the same time and the course even better. I'm returning tomorrow for level 3. Today was a blast. I've been involved in energy healing for years and I can honestly say that I've never experienced something like this.

hunashaman said...

Sorry, I meant to say level 2 tomorrow.

Howie Brewer said...

Looking forward to hearing more. I checked the book out of the library yesterday and will be taking it on vacation with me this week. We're heading to the ocean!