Friday, July 11, 2008

2008/07/11 - That's it for this week

I could feel today that I trained yesterday - something which rarely happens for me since I've been following a 5 times per week training schedule. I think the presses and push presses took a bit of a toll which I mainly felt in my shoulders. This being the last training day of the week I didn't want to take things too easy but I also didn't want to push too hard. This is what I did:

Intuflow warm up

Cleans (16): 4 minutes: 32/32
Snatches (16): 4 minutes: 32/32
OA Jerks (16): 4:30 minutes: 32/32
Swings (24): 20/20

Prasara yoga to cool off

As you can see the last set went on for 4 and a half minutes. I put the bell down briefly on the third minute and had to add thirty seconds to catch up the missed reps that I had planned.

When I thought about the session afterwards I realized that I'm breaking a cardinal rule of the GS style of kettlebell training - I am still somehow thinking from a rep rather than time mentality. I think the appropriate thing to have done would have been to stick to 4 minutes rather than pushing on to get the reps. I also realized that I was losing form at times in aid of working at a faster pace. This is something I will need to work on. I was doing well when I was working on pure long sets but since starting with the AKC fitness protocol I started chasing the numbers. This is what I will focus on next week; to keep the time constant, work with good form and let the reps build as they choose to. This way of training is really an exercise in patience but I know that it is well worth it. On the positive side the 24kg swings felt really light today. I think the work with the 32kg this week is paying dividends. Till next week - Enjoy the weekend!

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Howie Brewer said...

Cool deal. I'm going to keep your words in mind as I start to play with the 16kg. You shouldn't be chasing numbers. In the Fitness Protocol they are merely an indication of when you are ready to move up to the next level. My quick pace these days is a result of using the lighter bell. That might be changing.