Friday, October 2, 2009

Elimination diet

One aspect of my physical health that I've been neglecting for a LONG time is diet. Even though I've been training pretty consistently I've put just about anything going around into my mouth. As one wise person once said: You cannot outrun a doughnut. As a result I finally decided to clean up my eating and drinking habits. I've had a copy of Dax Moy's Elimination Diet ebook for some time now and I eventually decided to incorporate it on the 21st of September. So far I have dropped 11 pounds and I am starting to feel a lot more comfortable. The promises made by Dax are pretty big and thus far I've been suitably impressed.

One thing I love about this "diet" is that it is not some silly crash diet or gimmick. All it really entails is to eliminate all the "crap" from your diet. This includes processed foods, anything containing caffeine (because it leads to water retention), alcohol, and simple carbs. So far on this eating strategy I've been eating WAY more than normal and yet, the pounds keep dropping off. Another plus about this way of eating is that I think it is pretty sustainable. It really just entails eating healthy, natural food rather than shoveling unnatural stuff into your mouth. If you are in any way interested in a healthier way of eating I can highly recommend the Elimination Diet. Check it out here (and it is free):

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