Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009-10-22 - Back to the source

After spending some time training exclusively with kettlebells I started incorporating some stretching and joint mobility work from people like Pavel, Scott Sonnon (Intuflow) and Eric Cobb (Z Health). My main fitness background has been martial arts (Chinese Kung Fu and the Russian martial art simply called "the System".) I recently realized that the work of Sonnon and Cobb come from the Russian martial art tradition so for my session today I decided to go straight back to the source.

I spent about 40 minutes "playing" with various drills from RMA and I can say in all honesty that I am feeling pretty good right now. A lot of the drills are somewhat similar to what you will find in the work of Sonnon and Cobb, yet totally different. Systema is all about teaching you to use your OWN body wisely. For that very reason it can never be a martial art based on stances, katas or ranks. In some ways I guess it allows you to capture yourself at your from restrictions and savoring the moment. When I look at my little girl, Caela, I realize completely what life eventually sucks from us...the ability to react freely and totally spontaneously to whatever situation you find yourself in. The process of reclaiming myself must include at least something of this.

Today I just "played" in the garden with some basic Systema exercises and I had a pretty good time. A part of the reason why I chose this route was the fact that my shoulders are taking some major strain from high volume KB training. Luckily all the rolling around on the grass seems to have brought about some improvement. More to follow!

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