Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2009-09-29 - More snatching

I finally relented and went to see a chiro today. It was quite an interesting session. I expected a few quick manipulations but he just did a basic spine and neck adjustment and then told me exactly where I have imbalances - get this - without me even telling him where I have problems. I will probably need a few sessions as well as some remedial exercises but so far I'm pretty impressed. Anyway, after I got home I did a session focused on snatching that went like this:

Warm up: Z NWU 1

24kg Snatch: 10 sets of 12

32kg Swing: 15/15

Like with the OAJ's yesterday I first did all the sets on the right and then the left handed sets. I like this way of working because it feels a bit more like the conditions likely to be experienced in competitions. I am also gradually cutting the rest time between sets in order to ensure that each successive set is started from a position of mild fatigue rather than allowing myself to recover fully.

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