Friday, September 11, 2009

2009-09-11 - Just for fun

I only trained on Monday this week given the fact that Caela decided to arrive on Tuesday. I'm really glad that she did because she is just totally awesome. Anyway, now that my girls (mom and baby) are back home at last I decided to pick up the bells again. The session today really was just for fun and had no intense purpose.

What I did was three sets of 4 minutes each that were basically an OAJ and Snatch cocktail.

I did two minutes of OAJ and two minutes of snatches with the 16kg. OAJ @ 10 rpm and snatches @ 14rpm. I took 2 minutes worth of rest between sets and did three sets in total.

Twelve minutes worth of training time (plus the rest periods in between) that gave me exactly what I needed today. Next week serious training will commence again.

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