Monday, September 14, 2009

2009-09-14 - One Arm Jerk volume PR

Since getting back under the bells again a few weeks ago I've been exploring various methods of training for GS. In the West the AKC way still seems to be the most familiar method but different approaches are gradually emerging from the likes of great lifters like Vasily Ginko and others. A common theme I've been noticing lately on the internet is the idea that GS should be adapted to the athlete and not the other way around. Of course certain basic principles need to be adhered to but there can really not be only one training regime that will impact each athlete in exactly the same way.

While doing research today on the various GS training methodologies I started thinking again about Z-Health and the concept of the perfect rep. I read through my Z-Health materials again and decided to focus my session tonight on perfect reps as well as on finding a lifting style that feels comfortable to me (rather than trying to imitate one of the champions like Fedorenko or Ginko). The result of the session surprised me. I did:

Warm up: Z-Health Neurological Warm up level 1

16kg OAJ: 10 sets of 20

Finisher: 24kg swings: 15/15

My jerk sets consisted of 20 jerks right followed by 2 minutes rest, 20 left, etc. My end total was 200 OAJ's, a significant PR in terms of training volume in one session. I don't know what brought this about really. Obviously my training with the 24kg over the past few weeks helped but I do think Z-Health had something to do with this as well. My technique just felt so much more efficient and also, um, unique to me. Everything felt smooth and efficient and to a large extent minimalistic. My initial dip was hardly noticeable and even the second dip was not deep but crisp. I also found myself spontaneously changing my swing motion. Rather than following the bell with my eyes I chose to keep my neck aligned with my spine and the bell just seemed to move by itself. Hmmm, there seems to be something to the idea of finding your own "groove" and tonight I was definitely well inside that groove. Hopefully something good will come from this in the next few days and weeks.

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