Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009/04/01 - Day 26: High intensity but no bells

I woke up this morning to the presence of an old "friend" - a solid spasm in my left shoulder blade near the scapula. I'm not sure what it is about but I have been getting this about once or twice a year for a few years now. I think it might be related to an original injury a few years back during too zealous a session of Ashtanga yoga. Anyway, the spasm makes some movements pretty difficult so I decided to leave the bells for today. I just did the following:

Flowfit (level 1): 1 set of 21 minutes

Flowfit at level 1 difficulty feels really good. Although working pretty hard it feels like a kind of moving meditation after a while. I'm quite curious to see how long I can go without absolutely having to stop. I definitely know that I could have gone for at least five more minutes today. Flowfit level 2 is of course a different story and even 4 minutes feel like a lot.

Today was the last high intensity day of my current cycle. My new cycle will start on Saturday with a program based on Coach Sommer's gymnastics conditioning methods on the low and moderate days and them bells on the high days for metcon; at least that is the plan at the moment.

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