Saturday, April 4, 2009

2009/04/04 - Day 1: Starting the new cycle

In this cycle I am introducing gymnastics body weight conditioning methods from the book "Building the gymnastic body" by coach Sommer. The goal of the cycle is to begin building what coach Sommer calls "basic strength" which is the key requirement for eventually mastering more advanced gymnastic strength skills. My session today looked like this:

Static holds:

Crow: 10 x 6 second holds

L- Sit (legs bent): 7 x 6 second holds

Basic body weight work:

3 x 3 ring push ups

3 x 3 ring rows

1 x 15 minute set of Flowfit (level 1)

The gymnastics exercises are great and I can see the potential for some serious strength gains through regular practice of these methods. Now I just need to see how my body adapts to this work before I decide how much of the gymnastics work I will include in my weekly routine.

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